Geri Schneider Winters is a polymath with a wide range of interests. She loves bringing all that knowledge to bear when solving large, complex problems. Because of that, she is frequently found guiding business transformations at large companies.

In support of her business transformation work, Ms. Winters has studied and put into practice domains such as analysis, science of the brain, hypnosis, psychology, influence and advocacy, anthropology, philosophy, adult education, communication, marketing, interviewing, and a wide range of documentation techniques.

Ms. Winters explores her creative side with hobbies in healthy living, home brewing, cooking, photography, writing, book publishing, website creation, video production, singing, acting, and musical theater production. She has a deep love of the natural sciences and has been known to read physics "for fun", but admits to being "horrible" at tennis, basketball, and statistics.

Ms. Winters lives in a redwood forest on the Northern California coast with her husband and cats. She shares her property with deer, bunnies, skunks, foxes, many kinds of birds, and at least one bobcat. She is also within the territory of a mountain lion, but has not seen it (and does not want to).

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