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Praise for "Why Agile is Failing at Large Companies"

"Read the book.

Read it slowly with a highlighter.

Take notes.

Consider seriously the positions and recommendations Ms. Winters presents. There is an entire career of experience captured in this book and it is rare to find an agile author willing to be this honest about the true challenges you face. Be assured of this, your journey through this book and with agility will be absolutely worth the effort."

Thomas Meloche, co-founder Menlo Innovations,
Agile consultant, author, speaker, entrepreneur

"Definitely an evergreen management resource."

Leigh St. John, business consultant,
author, speaker, journalist

"One of the perhaps startling things you will learn in reading this book is that if agile approaches are used to solve the wrong problem or used in inappropriate settings, agile will actually make the situation worse. Another interesting nugget: some of the less widespread agile practices are easier to implement and gain quick wins."

Michael Russell, Agile consultant,
author, speaker, executive coach

"Ms. Winters strategy resonates strongly with people who've been burned by fast talkers -- who've been disappointed by others' initiatives but still know that their company needs to evolve."

Andrew Breese, problem solver

" While it may seem counterintuitive to focus on why Agile is failing at large companies, understanding the reasons for those failures is critical to understanding how to make it successful."

Robert Schmid, Esq., General Counsel, author

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