Solution Anthropology
Why Solution Anthropology is an urgent need for any product that interacts with people. Examples from real life illustrate spectacular failures and spectacular successes.
Why Agile is Failing
Despite news reports you might have read about high percentages of Agile adoption, the reality is that Agile adoption is quite weak worldwide. This talk focuses on some fundamental reasons why.
Manage Value not Projects
Projects are artificial constructs with no value. We do not sell projects when they are complete, no do we use projects internally. Yet we manage projects as if they were of value. Instead we should be focusing on the things of value to the company - capital assets and people - and manage that which we value.
Agile Metrics
Despite what you often hear, you can have metrics for Agile projects and you can consistently measure different kinds of projects and teams against each other.
Don't Wait! Follow Your Dreams.
The tragic cost of putting off your dreams until tomorrow and why you should find a way to follow your dreams today.